Monday, March 13, 2017

Chicken Wings in St. Louis

Popular Styles of Chicken Wings found at Restaurants in St. Louis
Buffalo Wings: 
Buffalo Wings are the traditional hot wing and are what you could have originally purchased when they first came out.  This recipe traditionally uses equal amounts of butter and hot sauce (brand optional) with small amounts of vinegar, garlic, pepper, Worcestershire sauce and salt. You should cook your wings without sauce, and then toss them in the sauce and allow them to marinate for a bit before serving. These are the classic, most popular hot wings served at St Louis restaurants and you probably can’t go wrong if you serve these.
BBQ Wings: BBQ Wings are a slightly sweeter style of Hot wings and are found at many popular St Louis restaurants.  BBQ hot wings involve taking a traditional hot wing recipe, adding a little more butter, brown sugar and tabasco sauce. This gives the wings a little bit more of a kick, while the sugar helps to balance them out. If you are feeling lazy, you could get a reputable BBQ wing hot sauce by mixing tabasco, hot sauce and BBQ sauce together and stirring them into your pre-cooked wings.
Asian Style Wings: Possibly one of the most complicated types of hot wings, Asian are also some of the tastiest. These wings usually require that you marinate wings for about 30 minutes, bake or stir fry and then baste in the remainder of the sauce. Asian hot wing sauces are made with honey, onions, chili peppers or chili oil, salt, garlic, cayenne pepper and salt. These ingredients should be finely mixed together for the marinade. You can then either stir-fry the wings in oil, or do them in the oven for a slightly healthier approach to delicious hot wings.
Creamy Hot Wings: Creamy hot wings are new to the scene of hot wings, but are quickly becoming incredibly popular. Most creamy hot wing sauces use a creamy dressing base (such as Ranch Dressing) mixed with hot sauce and tabasco. You can also use blue cheese dressing, or just make your own with heavy cream and spices such as vinegar, salt, thyme, and etc. The combinations are literally endless; if you don’t know your way around the kitchen, just find a good recipe.

There are hundreds of different recipes for Hot wings, and no one recipe is the best. If you’re planning on making your own Hot wings, you should try making different types and trying out different sauces until you find your favorite! 
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