Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Coffee & Tea in St. Louis

coffee house St. LouisSt. Louis is fortunate to be home to a number of wonderful coffee houses and tea rooms. Today, when you hear the words tea House and Coffee shops, these words sound from a long time ago something of the 18th century or so. Coffee shops bring to thoughts of a nice comfortable and cozy pace where they serve express and gourmet drinks while you lay on a comfy lounge chair. The latest Coffee Shops will serve espresso drinks such as Cafe Latte, espresso shots, Iced Coffee and French Press Coffee.
It is common for Coffee Houses to serve light meals such as pastries, fruits, salads and sandwiches. Like bars, Coffee Shops also have a history of having an environment where people can socialize with friends, acquaintances, or meet new people. When people say, "Meet me for Coffee," they are saying let’s meet so we can talk. Even though there has been some change when you think of Coffee shops the meaning and purpose behind it remains the same. Coffee shops are places where people can come and socialize, meet new people, reunite with old friends, read, study, or just sit or lay down next to the window looking out on a lounge chair. 
St. Louis Coffee Houses & Tea Rooms   Phone Location
 Cafe Nova 314-351-7443 South St. Louis
 Cafe Plato N/A South Hampton
 City Coffee 314-862-2489 Clayton
 Coffee Cartel 314-454-0000 Central West End
 Comet Coffee 314-932-7770 Dogtown
 Crave Coffee 314-771-3299 The Grove
 Foundation Grounds 314-833-6460 Maplewood
 Hartford Coffee Company 314-771-5282 Tower Grove
 Kaldi's Coffee 341-729-9995 Clayton
 Living Room Coffee & Kitchen 314-306-7626 Maplewood
 Mokabee's 314-865-2009 South Grand
 The Mudhouse 314-776-6599 Cherokee
 Park Avenue Coffee 314-621-4020 Lafayette Square
 Rise Coffee 314-769-9535 The Grove
 Silo Coffee & Goods N/A Downtown
 Sump Coffee 917-412-5670 Cherokee

Nowadays, the most popular Coffee Shop is Starbucks Coffee. If you have yet to visit a Starbucks you will see the lounge, chair, the environment and the varieties of coffee and espresso drinks they offer along with Biscotti, Scones, Muffins, Croissants, and other sweet pastries. The top Coffee houses in the world can be found in places such as Budapest, Venice, Vienna, Prague, Paris, Porto, Rio De Janeiro, Naples, Buenos Aires, and Rome.
Tea Rooms are very like Coffee Shops in many ways. Just like Coffee Shops, Tea Rooms also serve their drinks with a light meal, the difference between them is the cultures such as American and British Tea Rooms serves afternoon Tea with a variation of small cakes. In places like Nepal and China the residents gather at Tea Rooms to socialize, talk, chat enjoy their Tea and setting, young people will meet in Tea Rooms for dates. In places, such as the UK, a Tea Roomies a small room or restaurant where they serve cream tea along with a scone with jam or a small cake. In Scotland, they offer a larger variety of sweets to go with your tea such as pancakes, crumpets, scones, cakes, and pastries. The top Tea Rooms in the world can be found in places such as China, London, South Africa, Ireland, and Singapore.
Tea Rooms began spreading beginning with Britain in the 1950's but as the decades passed by Coffee Houses became more pleasant and Tea Rooms unpleasant
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