Monday, July 13, 2015

Finding the best St. Louis Kitchen Remodeling companies

St. Louis kitchen remodeling
Changing the way your home looks is never a small thing, so unless you’re a virtual whiz with DIY, you need to hire a STL kitchen remodeling company to help. Remodeling your kitchen is one of the trickiest things you can do because not only do you have to think with the look and feel in mind, but also practicality, safety, and space. For example, you don’t want to stick a huge kitchen bar in the middle of a long skinny room. Safety is of course your most important issue and any kitchen remodeler you choose should be chosen partially on that basis. However, if you’re spending the big bucks on your kitchen, you want it done right. Here are five tips for finding a great kitchen remodeling company.

Things To Look For When Hiring A St Louis Kitchen Remodeling Company 
References: The first thing you should look for is references. References can include online reviews, friends recommending the company, or even the hardware store recommending them. Usually if someone says that a remodeling company does good work then they probably do. If the company has a bad reputation then you should steer clear.
Great Past Projects: If the St. Louis kitchen remodeling company has had a single project in the past then they have photos of it. Consider asking for them, or look for pictures on their website. You want to look for work that you like and approve of. If you can see that kind of quality in your kitchen, then you’ve probably found the right remodeling company for you.
 License: A license is not required everywhere, but most good remodeling companies will have one. If they also remodel your plumbing and electric, then they will have to have licenses for those two items. Check the website or ask a representative of the kitchen remodeling company to find out what kind of work they are licensed for, and what they can do.
Consultations: If a company is not willing to send someone to your home to evaluate and look at your kitchen ahead of time then they probably aren’t worth your time. A consultation gives you an idea of what can be done with your kitchen, a quote, and a general time frame. All of these should be important factors in your decisions. Many companies offer free consultations, others only offer phone consultations or charge a transportation fee.
Trained Employees: If you look at employees and they have no idea what they are doing then you don’t really want them. Most good remodeling companies have fully trained employees who can professionally install and change a variety of materials including flooring, counters, walls, and more. A full service company will also be able to work with any material, although some also specialize in specific materials such as stone. If you want something specific, try looking for the material first, and then asking the seller who might be able to install it for you. Chances are that your choices are going to be limited by your location.
Choosing a local remodeling company is more cost effective because you have to pay less in transportation fees. Therefore, your first step should be to look around and find every contractor and company within a certain distance from your home. You can then easily look at and compare every option before making a decision.

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