Sunday, May 24, 2015

Home mold removal in St. Louis

Did you know that according to Farmers Insurance, more than 1,100 claims are made per year in relation to mold damage (that’s severe damage) and according to CNN Money, over 30% of new homes have mold in them. The amount of St Louis homes needing mold removal may be even higher. Most people think that homes needing mold removal is something that only affects people in damp and humid climates like St Louis. However; while those people are more at risk for mold growth, mold is everywhere. Even if you live in a relatively dry environment, it is still possible to have mold in your home. Contact a local St Louis mold removal today and start sleeping(and breathing) better. Why Mold Grows: Mold grows from spores that are carried through the air. Usually, a mold spore will land in an air duct, land between walls during construction or any number of other conditions. Should the mold get slightly damp, it will begin to grow, and will sometimes produce enough moisture on its own in order to continue to grow. Mold in new St Louis homes is often attributed to small amounts of water being trapped inside of walls and in air ducts during construction; this then turns into a breeding ground for mold that can spread through your entire house! Health Risks of Mold: The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) states that all types of mold have the potential to cause harm, especially if breathed in. Mild health risks of mold include asthma and sinus conditions while more serious conditions include flu symptoms, inability to breathe, rash and more! You could feel fatigue, diarrhea, a cough or hundreds of other unexplained symptoms. Remember that young children and the elderly are more susceptible to mold. You should always have your home checked for mold if you are living with either the very young or the very old. House Risks of Mold: Did you know that mold can damage your house as well as your health? Most houses in the U.S.A. are built using wood frames, and mold can rot them quite quickly. If you have mold inside of your air ducts, it can quickly spread to your walls, and cause very severe structural damage, in fact, the American Bar Association claims a 200% increase in mold litigation over the last 5 years alone! If you think it’s possible that you might have mold in your house, you should definitely hire someone to come out and check for mold just to be safe. Having your house falling down around your ears due to mold rot is a problem that no one is looking forward to. This article is reprinted courtesy of STL Service.