Monday, November 3, 2014

Hamburgers in St. Louis

While the bun is an essential component of the perfect hamburger, the truth is that a great hamburger is as only as good as its patty. Choosing the right type of meat that will stay moist even after the grilling process is crucial. That said; don’t choose meat that is overly lean such as ground sirloin. Instead, go for meat that is at least 85% lean ground beef. These provide moisture and the juiciness that everyone loves for your patty without shrinking too much.  Fortunately in St Louis, there is no shortage of great burger joints and STL restaurants serving some of the best burgers around.

You also need to be careful about what you put in the patty and how much you put in it as adding in pieces or slices of food that are too large can cause the patty to fall apart during the cooking process. With that in mind, be sure to finely chop vegetables such as onion and garlic. Try not to work with the patty more than is necessary to help it maintain stability.
If you need to work with a type of meat that tends to fall apart easily such as ground turkey, you can remedy this by incorporating dry breadcrumbs with the meat. The breadcrumbs serve the purpose of soaking up the excess moisture. This is a handy tip to keep in mind if you are fond of adding condiments like steak sauce or applesauce to your patties.
St Louis hamburgersAnother way to create a great hamburger would be to mix different types of meats. For instance, you can combine 3 parts beef with 1 part sausage. Alternatively, you can also try injecting a lamb flavour into your patty by mixing beef and lamb. Just keep in mind that mixing meats requires you to handle the meat for a longer period of time which may cause it to soften. That said try to be gentle as possible while working with the patties. Keep a light touch.  Now that you have the perfect patty, your hamburger won’t be so great if the meat is burned. With that in mind, be sure to get your grill as hot as possible. Remember that from the moment the raw meat lands on the grill, it will stick. With that in mind, do not attempt to flip the burger until it releases lest you risk it falling apart. The burger will begin to release as the raw parts start to get cooked. There should be no pink left. Burgers take approximately one minute on each side to cook assuming that the grill is as hot as it goes.
For the buns, choose fresh and hearty rolls that won’t cave beneath a world of toppings plus the patty. You can add flavour by brushing butter and toasting them before serving. Toppings run the gamut from cheese to tomatoes to lettuce to onions. It all depends on the taste of the person who will be eating the burger. Ketchup, salsa and tangy barbecue are all classic and tasteful options to make available as condiments.