Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Finding a pain relief with the help of a St Louis Chiropractor

Seeing a chiropractor can be a big step, especially if you’ve never been to see one. Whether you’ve been recommended by a doctor or you’ve just heard good things about seeing a chiropractor, you might be wondering what the benefits are. A St Louis chiropractor is a trained doctor of alternative medicine, they use non-drug treatments to move the spine and reduce or even remove the need for pain medication. Here are just a few of the benefits of seeing a chiropractor in St Louis.

A Chiropractor Can Reduce Neck Pain Many people suffer from neck pain each day but very few do anything about it. A chiropractor can easily reduce and even eliminate neck pain caused by a variety of reasons. As a result, chiropractors can also treat and remove headaches caused by neck pain. Most people have neck pain due to slipped disks, out of place joints or etc. that cause muscle tension, headaches and pressure against the spinal column which can cause pain throughout the entire body. A chiropractor will push these malformed joints back into place so that you can live comfortably.

A Chiropractor Can Help Your Spine Heal:  In a study of persons going to chiropractors while recovering from back injuries and those using other types of medicine, 34% of those visiting the chiropractor healed more quickly and to a better degree than those using normal medicine. With these statistics in mind, not only will you not be on drugs/as many drugs, your body will heal faster which means that you will be back up and walking around more quickly.
Relieve Pain  St Louis Chiropractors can relieve pain and are often used as an alternative to taking medicinal drugs. Many people have problems with painkillers for physical, moral or mental reasons and a chiropractor can reduce the need for or eliminate the need for painkillers. This is great, especially if you plan on going back to work or attempting to be alert after leaving the hospital.

Improve Mobility  A chiropractor's job is to put all of your spinal joints back where they belong in order to reduce pain. While this is very effective at relieving pain, it is also quite effective at improving mobility. If you are interested in being able to bend, flex and even walk more easily, a chiropractor is definitely a good idea for you.

Actually Fix the Problem – The main problem with taking normal pain killers is that they don’t fix anything. A pain killer will cover up the problem for a few hours at most while your body is allowed to damage itself further because you don’t feel as much of the pain it is causing you. This can result in longer healing times and even ending up back in the hospital. With a chiropractor, you will actually start to work on fixing the problem that is causing you pain instead of covering it up. Chiropractic medicine works to aid the body’s natural healing process so that you heal more quickly. Best of all, you won’t be hurting yourself because you’ve covered up pain, when the pain goes away, it’s because you’ve begun to fix the problem.  This info is courtesy of STL Health.