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Choosing the Right St. Louis Asphalt and Concrete Company

concrete asphalt St. LouisIf you are looking at putting in a new driveway, sidewalk, patio, or other structure made from asphalt or concrete, choosing the right company is paramount in terms of getting a high quality result. A new driveway for example is not just a purchase, it is an investment for your property. The same is true for businesses looking to put in a new parking lot.

Imagine what it’s like to see a home for sale that features a driveway that features a myriad of cracks. The only worse thought of buying a home with a driveway like that is owning one and you have to sell it. It’s not a pretty picture nor does it have a happy ending. However, you can avoid a good number of these issues if you choose the right asphalt and concrete company to do the job. 

 Concrete & Asphalt in St. Louis Phone Number
 Asphalt Paving & Concrete 314-209-9800
 Atlas Concrete 636-394-9275
 Buchheit Concrete 314-849-9997
 Hall Brothers Concrete 314-434-4255
 Kcrete Custom Concrete 314-749-5878

Tips on Choosing the Right St. Louis Asphalt and Concrete Company
Recommendations: Trusted friends, family members, co-workers, and even businesses are a good source of recommendations when it comes to finding the right company in your area. While they should not be the only ones you research, it will give you an excellent place to start.
Licensed: All companies that provide asphalt and concrete services must be properly licensed by the state. The license should be current and properly registered. While it seems that virtually all asphalt and concrete companies should be properly licensed, there are those who slip through the cracks so to speak. If the company does not have a proper license, you should move on to another company.
Insured & Guaranteed Work: Proper insurance covers the customer in case the company causes an accident or injury while at your home or place of business. Not having insurance means you might be left with the bill if the company cannot cover the costs.
Guaranteeing the work should be standard for any company, in particular one that paves driveways, parking lots, and the like. The guarantee should be long enough that any major flaw in their work is revealed in a reasonable amount of time. Plus, a company that cares about its reputation is going to back their work.
Testimonials/Referrals: Generally speaking, no company is going to post a bad testimonial or a referral from a customer that did not like their work. However, they are still quite useful if you can check out the job that they performed. A quick drive by a parking lot, sidewalk, or driveway they created will let you know first-hand about the overall quality of the work they performed.
Reviews: Finally, customer reviews that are posted on their website or on independent sites is another way to find out more about the overall quality of work the company performs. While even the best companies will have a few negative reviews, what you are looking for is patterns of either good or bad service that best describes how the company does their work. It also helps to look them up on the Better Business Bureau to see their track record with customer complaints.
Overall, finding the right asphalt and concrete company takes a bit of research, but the results will be well worth the time. 

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Purchasing Gift Cards from local St. Louis businesses

restaurant gift cards St LouisPurchasing gifts is always difficult, especially if you are buying for someone who isn’t immediate family or whom you haven’t seen in a long time. Unfortunately, getting a bad gift is almost as bad as not getting a gift at all. Buying a St Louis gift certificate from a local STL Restaurant on the other hand is always a welcome option, and a great gift that directly supports the local economy

They Can Get What They Want – As stated above, a bad gift isn’t good for anyone. Even if someone has liked something in the past, they might already have it, not like it anymore or have received it from someone else. Purchasing a gift certificate from a local St Louis business avoids these potential problems because anyone can use a gift certificate to get what they want. If you’ve ever been in a store and just grabbed what you thought you might like because you didn’t know what else to get, then you definitely understand this one. 

Easy – Fast – Have you ever forgotten someone’s birthday or anniversary or whatever it was you were intending to buy a gift for and then realized that you no longer had the time to pick out a gift and then wrap it? Local St Louis gift certificates make perfect last minute gifts because they are both fast and easy. It is entirely possible to pull into a local business just a few minutes before showing up at a party to purchase a gift certificate. Best of all, you can most likely get it wrapped or even customized right at the store. Local STL gift certificates are also great because they allow you to purchase the exact size of gift that you would like instead of potentially spending a great deal more than you originally intended.
Supports Local Business – Local businesses are the background of our nation. They are the ones who start out small and then get big and they are the ones that provide the personalization and love to business services. While it is possible to get a gift certificate at a larger retail store, buying a gift certificate from a local business allows you to support the economy while getting a great gift. Buying local supports local businesses so that they can stay in business and continue to serve the community.
Best of all, getting a gift certificate from a local STL business allows you to purchase a certificate from someone’s favorite store. If you know their favorite store, or even a general idea of what they like, you can purchase someone a great gift without bothering to spend a great deal of time thinking it through.
Getting a gift certificate, especially from a local St Louis restaurant or store, gives you the security of purchasing a great gift every time. When you can save money, save time, support the local economy and reduce the risk of purchasing something that they already have, there is no real reason not to buy a gift certificate from a local business.

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