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Best selling Buick models in the USA

Buick is a well known American car brand owned by General Motors. Formerly known as the Buick Motor Company, the brand has been a fundamental part of the General Motors’ establishment right since 1908. Interestingly, before General Motors came into being, its founder William C. Durant was one of Buick’s major investors and also the brand’s General Manager.

Buick has always been seen as a premium vehicle brand that sells luxury cars. In fact, the company markets the brand as ‘affordable luxury’. To give you an idea, Buick can be seen as being above the company’s mainstream brands such as Chevrolet, but a notch below the Cadillac. Buick vehicles are sold across the globe with USA and China being two major markets. Historically, Buick has been seen as a car for the older generation with its large size and conventional design. However, over the last few years, the brand has introduced sedans and SUVs to cater to the younger audience as well. As a result, the brand has also enjoyed some of its best sales numbers over the last few years.

This article looks at the best selling Buick models in the USA. The table below gives an overview of the sales figures for the Buick brand for the last few years

2016 (till September)

The Buick Encore is the best selling model in the United States this year followed by the Buick Enclave. Both these cars fall in the SUV segment and comprise more than 50% of the brand’s total sales volumes.

The Encore is the most fuel efficient compact crossover SUV in the market and comes with a host of luxury features such as power-controlled driver’s seat, active noise cancellation to counter the engine noise and sound-proof cabin. The Enclave, on the other hand, is known for its higher seating capacity, large 19-inch wheels for better control and a host of other customizable luxury features.

This year, the Verano has become the best selling Buick in St. Louis in the sedan category. With 6-speed manual transmission and turbocharged engine for a power-packed drive, this car outscores the other variants in sales numbers. That said, the Regal also comes with similar features but has, somehow, lost out to the Verano in terms of sales volumes.

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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Reasons to hire a St. Louis Health Coach

The modern day lifestyle is very interesting, enjoyable and challenging. Have you ever given it a serious thought? Or to the reasons why it might just be a good idea for everyone to hire a certified health coach in St. Louis? Well, most of us haven’t!

When ill, we consult a doctor but with some common ailments becoming a part of our everyday lives, a need was felt to find an easy way out.

Chronic diseases like obesity, hyper tension and diabetes can create havoc in any individual’s life. They are very common but are not life threatening. Yet, you cannot ignore them. So, what exactly is the way out?

This is where a certified health coach comes into the picture. Health coaching is the imparting of necessary education to patients for self health management. Health coaching has been found useful in cases of ‘lifestyle diseases’ like obesity, hyper tension and diabetes as also other ailments.

 St. Louis Health Coach Phone Location
 Change Inc. A Counseling Company 314-669-6642 St. Louis City
 Kelly O'Donnell LCSW 314-643-8224 West County
 Pure Nourishment 314-570-1968 Webster Groves
 Pyramid Health Coaching 314-313-5892 St. Louis County
 St. Louis Health Coaching 314-753-7022 St. Louis County
 Valerie Thomure  St. Louis City

A St. Louis health coach an expert on wellness who acts as a mentor to motivate individuals to inculcate positive health choices. As each individual is unique in himself with his unique constitution, lifestyle, habits, likings etc., a certified health coach has to deal with diverse groups of people and individuals. He is educated, trained and equipped to do so.

Reasons why it might just be a good idea for everyone to hire a certified health coach:

I can’t do it on my own – If I could, I would have already done it.

The ailments can’t be simply wished away – Unless I do ‘something’ about it, it just wouldn’t go away or even diminish.

An expert can help – A certified STL health coach can put me on the right track and after the initial help, I can take on.

Too much medication has its own side effects – With a little bit of guidance, I can reduce my dependence on medicines.

Not too difficult – With the mentoring by a certified health coach, it’s quite simple and easy.
Each individual is different – With a personal certified health coach, I am assured of a diet and exercise regime which suits me personally instead of a common schedule.

Relationships, exercise and spirituality – The experts are trained to suitably cover all these aspects also for a truly balance approach.

I think it’s time I thought of the reasons why it might be a good idea to hire a certified health coach for myself and feel my best through simple food and lifestyle changes which are in tune with my temperament.

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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Hiring a St. Louis tax attorney or law firm

St. Louis tax attorneyTaxes in the United States are quite complicated as there are several different levels of taxation and there can be several different levels of government that collect taxes.  If you have tax issues or problems with the IRS or delinquet taxes, consider contacting a St. Louis tax attorney or law firmsThere are many plausible reasons why it would be wise to hire a tax attorney in St. Louis. 
You may be a smart person. There should not be any doubts at all. However, no amount of smartness would be able to save you if you are not conversant with the laws of the land. It could be criminal matters or revenue and taxation matters. You need the perfect person to represent your case before the Government authorities. In matters of tax payments and disputes, hiring a tax attorney to answer the barrage of questions from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) officials would be the most intelligent move on your part. We shall see now as to why it is wise to hire a tax attorney.

Tax Law Attorneys in St Louis

Law Office of Cathy Steele       314-727-7551

Representing yourself: There is no law in the land that prohibits a person from representing himself before the IRS officials. However, it is easy to say but very difficult to achieve. These experiences with the IRS officials could be frustrating and time-consuming as well. Hiring a tax lawyer in St. Louis would entail him doing all the negotiation on your behalf. They have the requisite expertise and knowledge to help you sail through the inquiries.

Advantages of hiring an attorney: Every law would have a loophole. You should know how to extricate yourself from a tight situation by taking advantage of the loophole. The St. Louis tax lawyer would help you find one in your income tax probes. You may have to pay some fines and penalties for tax evasions. However, an experienced attorney would ensure that these penalties would be at their minimum.

In case you have not filed your old tax returns, the attorney would be able to assist you in arriving at the minimum of back taxes. He would be the perfect person to negotiate with the IRS officials.

Hiring a STL tax attorney would give you peace of mind. You need not break your head trying to figure out the details. The more you do so, the more the IRS officials would be able to confuse you. They cannot take this liberty with the attorney around. In addition, you would be free of the stress these IRS officials can create and impose because of their intimidating nature.
Not all tax cases would be similar. You may not be aware of a particular clause in the tax laws whereby you might have paid less tax. Ignorance of the law is never a defense in any court of law. However, an attorney would be of great assistance in securing a lesser penalty.

Thus, you have seen the advantages of hiring a tax attorney in St. Louis. You can let he or she do the talking and be calm and relaxed.   

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